Guerrilla Gravity Trail Pistol (Custom Frame Only)

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As the “Singletrack Flyer,” the Trail Pistol inspires the kind of fun you only experience flying through the pit of a punk rock show. The kind of reckless fun that reminds you why you started mountain biking in the first place.

Designed to explore miles of endless singletrack with its efficient pedaling platform and rally the descents with its stiff chassis, progressive leverage curve, and playful geometry. The Trail Pistol allows you to keep in mind what’s really important: riding fast and having fun--but remember the lessons of Sid Vicious: safety third, not fourth.

And don’t be held back by the man: pick the wheelsize that’s right for your life. Crush Mode and Plush Mode, accessed via the shock mount flip chips, optimizes the geometry and suspension for 29” wheel-ed crushing or 27.5 Plus wheel-ed plushness--just like the fine velour carpet on the walls of your favorite music venue.

Prices may change! Price listed is for the Raw Color.